Youichi Fujitani
Kanji 富士谷要一
Romaji Fujitani Yōichi
General Information
Country Japan
Gender Male
Birthday 20 August (Leo)
Age 17
Family Keisuke Fujitani (father)

Yoriko Fujitani (mother)

Coach Keisuke Fujitani
Anime Episode 1
Character Voice
Japanese Takahiro Sakurai
Live Action Sosuke Ikematsu

Takumi Kitamura (child)

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Youichi Fujitani (Japanese: 富士谷要一, Fujitani Yōichi) is a diver featured in DIVE!!.

Background Edit

Youichi was born to parents who were both very prominent in the Japanese diving world: his father was a former Olympic diver and his mother was considered the "Madonna of the diving world". In middle school, he was diving champion for three years in a row. When he was a first year Sakuragi High, he was expected to be the most promising diver at the inter-high meets. Now, as a second year, he is one of the few potential divers to be sent to the Olympics. He is a inspiration to Tomoki, and everyday Tomoki looks up to him.

Appearance Edit

Youichi has malta colored hair and amber eyes. He has a mole under his left eye. When diving, he wears lemon yellow swimming briefs.

Personality Edit

He is stoic and always aims for perfection in every performance, making sure they're precise and beautiful. He is also disciplined, as shown with his tendency to control his calories, and to come to training despite suffering from a migraine, but he has a sense of justice in him, shown when he believes the way he was chosen for the olympics wasn't right.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Atsuhiko Yamada - Atsuhiko is Youichi's self proclaimed rival.

Tomoki Sakai - Youichi is the diver Tomoki admires. He inspired Tomoki to begin diving.

Quotes Edit

"Everyone has potential. You and me, too." (Japanese: 可能性は誰にでもある。 おれにも、おまえにもだ。)

"You have something that others don't. Your diamond eyes." (To: Tomoki Sakai)

Trivia Edit

  • Youichi is the oldest MDC member. He is not only a member of MDC, but a member of Sakuragi High School's diving club as well.
  • Youichi knows English. He studies English with a tutor, in hopes of understanding rivals at American training camps.
  • Youichi is shown to believe in horoscopes to some extent. It is unclear how deeply he believes in this, but it is noted he is at least aware of it, and at the very least, deems it an appropriate enough or somewhat believable enough excuse for skipping diving practice.