Shibuki Okitsu
Kanji 沖津飛沫
Romaji Okitsu Shibuki
General Information
Country Japan
Gender Male
Birthday November 23 (Sagittarius)
Age 17
Family Shiraha Okitsu (grandfather, deceased)
Hiromi Okitsu (father, deceased)
Miyuki Okitsu (mother)
Misaki Okitsu (younger sister)
Minami Okitsu (younger sister)
Anime Episode 2
Character Voice
Japanese Yuuichi Nakamura
Live Action Junpei Mizobata
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Shibuki Okitsu (Japanese: 沖津飛沫, Okitsu Shibuki) is a diver featured in DIVE!!.

Background Edit

A second-year high school student who has inherited the blood of a legendary diver. His grandfather and father died at sea during a typhoon eight years ago on August 29, 2010. He was taught how to dive by his grandfather, and since then he has been spending his time diving into the Tsugaru ocean since he was 13. He appears in the MDC after making a contract with Kayoko. He enrolls in Sakuragi High as a transfer student on a diving recommendation.

Appearance Edit

Shibuki has deep burgundy-black hair that is roughly gelled back to the back of his head with a point. When his hair is wet, it seems to come about jaw length. He has very tanned skin and is very muscular due to the harsh conditions he used to practice in.

His facial shape makes him look significantly older than he really is.His eyebrows split off into three parts towards the end of his eye brows, giving him a somewhat angry look.

Personality Edit

He is quiet and brusque, but overpowers those around him with his unique and spirited diving technique. He is one of the best divers in MDC, but has problems with his entry.

In the first couple of episodes of the anime, he is shown to be careless and apathetic towards competitive diving.

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