Ryou Ohiro
Kanji 大広陵
Romaji Ohiro Ryō
General Information
Country Japan
Gender Male
Age 14
Coach Kayoko Asaki
Anime Episode 1
Character Voice
Japanese Ryota Osaka
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Ryou Ohiro (Japanese: 大広陵, Ohiro Ryō) is a MDC club mate.

 Background Edit

Appearance Edit

He has short dark brown hair and dark green eyes. He wears blue swimming breifs, with green stripes on the sides whenever diving.

Personality Edit

Ryou is very competitive and has a straightforward personality and he does not give up, and he does not like losing and when he loses he get's a bit angry and he wants to be better then everyone.

Plot  Edit

Although he is originally a diver at MDC, he later joins the basketball club.

Relationships  Edit

Quotes  Edit

"I will not lose to you." (Japanese: 俺、お前には負けないからな。)

Trivia Edit