Atsuhiko Yamada
Kanji 山田篤彦
Romaji Yamada Atsuhiko
Nickname Pinky Yamada (ピンキー山田)
General Information
Country Japan
Gender Male
Birthday September 14 (Virgo)
Age 18
Anime Episode 3
Character Voice
Japanese Tomokazu Sugita
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Atsuhiko Yamada (Japanese: 山田篤彦, Yamada Atsuhiko) is a rival of the Mizuki Diving Club.

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A third-year high school student who is a member of Ibaraki Spirits. His nickname is ‘Pinky’ after the flashy pink pants he wears.[1] He is from Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

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Youichi Fujitani - He has a (one-sided) rivalry with Youichi. Youichi is the first obstacle Atsuhiko has had to overcome.

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  • He used to do classical ballet.