Administrators and bureaucrats are responsible for keeping this wiki and community welcoming and in good shape. They should help support users and use their powers to keep the wiki free of vandalism and spam.

Admin Responsibilities Edit

Administrators should serve the community and not use their tools and powers for their own benefit. They should not be considered the "rulers" of the wiki but as a guide to other.

They are expected to

  • Help those who need it
  • Be an active user/contributor
  • Abide by the regulations
  • Create a welcoming community
  • Delete spam pages
  • Block vandalizers
  • Know that they could be stripped of their status if they abuse their powers or are inactive for an extended amount of time
  • Have never been blocked

They are not expected to

  • Be like a Wikia staff member
  • Constantly be on the wiki

Admin Tools Edit

Admins can block users, delete or undelete pages, protect pages, and much more. More information on the tools that admins have can be found here.

DIVE!! Bureaucrats and AdministratorsEdit

Start of Term
Abetakaya Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator January 4, 2016 January 4, 2016 Semi-Active

Becoming an Admin, Rollback, Moderators Edit

If you would like to become an admin on this wiki, please contact Abetakaya. Anyone that meets all of the qualifications can send in a request. Not everyone can become an admin, however. You may meet all of the qualifications but not become an admin, but if you continue to still be an active and helpful user, you could have higher chances of becoming an admin.

If you are interested in being a rollback or a moderator, the guidelines are the same, but the roles will be different.

Bureaucrats Edit

Bureaucrats have similar tools to administrators, but they are able to change someone's status to administrator, bureaucrat, rollback, etc.

Other Roles Edit

Administrators and bureaucrats also have the abilities of the listed below.

Rollback Edit

These users can revert spam edits and vandalism. Trustworthy editors may be able to become Rollback users.

Chat moderator Edit

These users manage the chat. Active and trustworthy users may be able to become Chat moderators.

Content moderator Edit

These users help manage pages and files. Trustworthy users may be able to become Content moderators

Discussion moderator Edit

These users can manage places where users are having social discussions. Trustworthy users may be able to become Discussion moderators.

DIVE!! Rollbacks and Moderators Edit